UK Loft Boarding - Terms And Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Sale & Services

(In addition to the sales of good act 1979)

The Company: UK Loft Boarding Ltd
Head Office: Renown Works, Wellington St, Clayton-Le-Moors, Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 5HU
Telephone: 01254 370073
The Customer: “Yourself”

1. Goods / Services:

1.1. All goods, materials, products purchased and supplied by the company will remain the property of the company until payment has been received and cleared in full

1.2. Payment must be made on completion of the work. Cheques are not accepted unless prior arrangement has been made in writing. EPP (Easy Payment Plan) interest free credit must be arranged prior to the installation date and must be approved in advance. [See Payment Terms].

1.3. All goods that are deemed energy efficient or are ancillary to preserving the energy efficiency of a property are subject to VAT at a rate of 5% any goods not related to the above are subject to 20% VAT.

2. Quotes / Estimates:

2.1. A quote is a fixed price for the work required unless additional work is required or added to as the work commences or unforeseen problems occurred that could not possibly have been seen or predicted before work commenced. We do not give estimates as this is a guide to the price of the work required; it may not be identical to the final invoice due to more materials required or unforeseen labour charges.

3. Guarantees:

3.1. 10-year guarantee includes:
• Loft Flooring Panels
• Loft Flooring Sub-Frame
• Timber Wall & Ceiling Stud Work
• Loft Ladders (metal or timber)
• Loft Hatches
• Loft Insulation

3.2. 1-year guarantee includes:
• Electrical Installation
• Electrical Components (excluding bulbs) All Fixed lighting, switches, extractor fans & Smoke alarms
• Roof Windows
• Plaster-boarding

3.3. ALL guarantees exclude any post installation work (carpets, paint, furniture etc.) or consumable items.

3.4. This guarantee is in addition to the 1-year manufacturer parts only guarantee.

3.5. Goods are covered under their original manufacturers guarantee unless otherwise stated on the 10-year guarantee issued.

3.6. Goods that the company have not purchased will not be covered by the company guarantee for parts or labour. Faulty or replacements items of this kind must be made directly with the company you purchased them from, and any labour involved in replacing these items will be subject to labour charges at our normal hourly rates of £45 per hour part or full.

3.7. If you do discover any issues with your loft storage solution, please call us as soon as possible and let us know. Most issues can be solved over the phone, but if we cannot do that then we will assign one of our team to come and investigate and/or repair the issue.

3.8. We appreciate your understanding as we strive to provide timely responses. Our team is dedicated to scheduling a visit at the earliest convenience. To ensure a smooth experience, we kindly ask for your flexibility in arranging a suitable time when our team is available in your area.

3.9. To make a claim within the 10 or 1 guarantee period you will require proof of purchase or proof of guarantee. This guarantee can only be used for the installation address named on the receipt or on our records. It is not transferable to another property but can be transferred to the property’s new owner. You cannot remove and reinstall the system yourself in another property the guarantee will be void. This guarantee will not cover any alteration to the original specification according to our surveyor’s report and quotation given. If you add your own extension, parts or alter any of the original equipment, then this will void your guarantee. Meaning attempts to alter or modify the original installation. All repairs under guarantee must be carried out by a UKLB approved installer assigned to you by or customer service team.

4. Completion:

4.1. To ensure a thorough and quality installation, we allocate generous time frames for our installers. This approach helps us accommodate any unforeseen challenges and maintain our standard of work. Please note, in instances where the installation is completed ahead of schedule, the final price remains unaffected.

4.2. The definition of completion means all the work listed in the original quote has been completed.

4.3. This does not include snagging lists or time to collate a snagging list, this is covered under the guarantee.

4.4. Payment for the installation must be made in full upon completion. Please note that pending snagging lists, which address minor outstanding issues, do not defer or delay the payment process.

4.5. Delays caused by issues out of the company’s control, for example (Goods NOT purchased by the company that arrive faulty or damaged) the company cannot be held responsible for these issues and any further labour charges will apply as a result of downtime or not being able to complete the work on time or any overtime that maybe required to complete this work will also apply.

5. Snagging Lists

5.1. It is essential for you to be present at the end of the installation day to discuss any snagging lists with our installers. This allows you to personally inspect the work and ensure all aspects meet your expectations.

5.2. Future snagging lists will be covered under the company guarantee.

6. Deposits and Advanced Payments

6.1. In cases involving bespoke or special-order goods, which are either costly to return or non-returnable, a deposit may be necessary before work begins. This deposit is intended to offset the initial expenses for procuring the required goods and services.

6.2. Please note that the deposit is non-refundable. The remaining balance will be due upon completion of the work, as detailed in our completion terms.

6.3. Once a deposit has been paid for special order or bespoke goods, these items are not eligible for a refund.

6.4. For standard loft storage work without special requirements, no deposit will be required.

7. Payment Terms

7.1. Payment for goods and services provided must be on the completion day.

7.2. Payment can be made by cash or credit** / debit card, bank transfer, online banking or pre-arranged EPP (Easy Payment Plan) Interest free credit. (**American Express is not currently accepted)

7.3. Payments can be made 24 hours 365 days a week by using the customer portal please log in to

7.4. Cheques are not accepted. No invoicing periods are available.

8. Late Payment Fees

8.1. Administration Fees for Late Payments: A fee of £25 will be charged as an administration fee for each late payment. This fee will be applicable on the 4th day after the payment due date. This charge is to cover the additional administrative efforts required due to delayed payments. We advise prompt payment to avoid incurring these additional fees.

9. Damages, Disputes and Complaints

9.1. If an item is damaged in your home by our installers, we do have insurance for such events. We may offer to rectify the damage ourselves which we should be given the chance to do so initially.

9.2. If liability is not accepted or admitted, then our insurance company will be able to mediate.

9.3. In any case the company must be given written notification and allowed time to communicate with relevant parties involved to help rectify or provide a solution to the issue raised, this may take some time to gather all information required and must be allowed.

9.4. If we feel that we can rectify the issues raised you should allow the company to attend within a reasonable timescale and to do a report or evaluation of said issues.

9.5. If we cannot rectify the issues ourselves, we will raise the issue with our insurance company, so we can conclude matters.

9.6. During any disputes related to damage, it is important to note that all outstanding payments must still be made in full. This requirement applies provided that the dispute is not directly related to the work for which the payment is due.

9.7. Should you have a complaint; we encourage you to contact our head office directly. You can reach us by phone at 01254 370073 or via email at for prompt assistance. Holding payments back for other reasons when the job has been completed will only delay matters further.

10. Protective coverings, ornaments, and furnishings

10.1. we will provide protective coverings for the areas we are working in to help protect the carpets, flooring and furnishings from dust and dirt.

10.2. We cannot guarantee that some dust or dirt will not get into areas we couldn't protect or areas that we were unaware of that it would affect.

10.3. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure any other areas are covered and protected with dust sheets so that carpets, ornaments, and anything that could be damaged is removed and cleared from the room or working areas.

10.4. The responsibility for moving items, including the contents of lofts, to facilitate the start of work falls outside the company's scope. It is the customer's obligation to ensure that these items are relocated prior to the commencement of our services.

11. Workplace Safety

11.1. For efficient progress and safety reasons, the working area must be clear and free from obstruction by household members. We request that all children and family members remain away from the work area until the job is completed. This is to ensure their safety and the smooth execution of our work.

12. Discount Codes and Referrals

12.1. Only one discount code can be applied per transaction. In scenarios where multiple discounts are available, the highest discount value will be automatically applied. This policy includes situations where a 10% referral program discount is available, but a higher discount is also applicable.

12.2. As a customer, if you refer a friend, neighbour, or family member to us, you are eligible for a £30 reward. This amount will be credited to your bank account within 7 to 10 working days following the completion of the installation for the person you referred. Please note that this payment will be processed only after the referred installation is fully completed. For us to make the payment, you will need to provide your bank account details to our accounts department.

13. Privacy Policy

13.1. We maintain a strict policy regarding the handling of personal information. While we do store some personal data necessary for our operations, rest assured that we do not retain credit card details. Moreover, we do not share or sell any customer information to third parties. Our data handling practices are fully compliant with GDPR regulations, ensuring your personal information is safeguarded according to industry standards.

13.2. Information we take via our enquiry forms on our website or direct telephone enquiries are strictly for the purpose of establishing the customer’s requirement and to help with the customers enquiry. Information will remain on our customer database for future communication to assist with guarantees or other requirements.

14. Refund or Cancellation Policy

14.1. To cancel an installation/order please contact our office on 01254 370073 or write to us using the address on top of this document.

14.2. Any deposits received where goods have already been ordered, purchased, or delivered to the company prior to work commencing cannot be refunded.

14.3. Refunds are within 7 working days of cancellation notice.

14.4. UK LOFT BOARDING LTD reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at our discretion for any reason. Where that does not conflict with any anti-discrimination Laws.

15. Waste Removal Policy

15.1. The waste removal service includes the collection and disposal of waste generated from domestic installations at the customers property.

15.2. The service will be carried out according to the installation schedule, this is typically on the final day of the installation.

15.3. We shall remove only the waste that results directly from the installation services we provide. This includes any materials cut or dismantled from the loft space as per the installation requirements. We cannot take away old loft insulation.

15.4. Fees: there will be a fee of £5 per sack of waste removed from the property. This amount of sacks required would be determined on the date of installation. And thus will not be shown on any quotations provided. This fee will then be appended to the customers invoice upon work completion.

15.5. Any Involved party can remove themselves from the terms of the waste removal service at any time before any items are removed from the property. Upon this decision no items will be removed from the property.

15.6. UK Loft Boarding LTD is committed to adhering to all relevant laws and regulations regarding waste disposal and removal. This includes the right to refuse to remove any items which are considered hazardous materials. Including but not limited to asbestos or harmful chemicals.

16. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

16.1. We may update, vary, and amend these Terms from time to time without prior notice. Each time you order or otherwise purchase a Product from us, the Terms in force at that time will apply.

UK LOFT BOARDING LTD, Vat Registration No. 202 3525 60 - Company Registration No. 09990655, Registered in England Local Authority Membership No. STMNO8UNIT/1

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