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Loft Ladders

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Investing in a loft ladder is important for several reasons. Firstly, it provides safe and easy access to your loft space, making it more functional and usable. Without a ladder, accessing the loft can be difficult and even dangerous, as you may need to use chairs, stools, or other makeshift options to climb up.

Another benefit of investing in a loft ladder is that it can add value to your home. Many home buyers view loft space as an attractive feature, and having a ladder installed can make your loft more appealing and functional.

Overall, investing in a loft ladder is an important step in making your home more functional, energy-efficient, and valuable. It provides easy access to your loft space, improves your home’s insulation, and adds to its overall appeal.

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Wooden Hatch & Ladder


The wooden hatch and ladder is perfect for those looking to access their loft safely and securely, this factory made unit will hold the ladder on the back of the door for space saving, and can be designed and build to reach up to 3.2 metres.

Aluminium Ladder


Aluminium loft ladders are supplied as part of our loft boarding package deals and are perfect to be paired with a PVC hatch. Metal loft ladders are a great option for safely entering your loft space.

Telescopic Ladder


If you don’t have the space for a wooden hatch and ladder or aluminium ladder, we also have a telescopic ladder option that can be stored away conveniently.

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