Do you provide a loft insulation topup service?

Do you provide a loft insulation topup service?

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Yes we do, it’s important that your insulation is up to the latest standards as heat rises, and in a home with just half of today’s recommended levels of insulation, a quarter of your heat is lost through the roof.


Insulating your loft, an attic or flat roof is a simple and effective way to save that waste and reduce your heating bill. Loft insulation is effective for at least 40 years, and it will pay for itself over and over again in that time. If your loft is already insulated, it’s worth checking that you’ve got enough insulation to get the maximum saving.


If everyone in the UK installed 270mm loft insulation, we could save nearly £210 million and almost 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, the equivalent of taking nearly 364,000 cars off the road. Installing 270mm of loft insulation will save the average household around £187 a year.

Loft Insulation (0 to 270mm)Detached HouseSemi-Detached HouseMid Terrace HouseDetached Bungalow
Fuel bill savings (£/yeear)£240£140£135£200
Typical installation cost*£395£300£285£375
Carbon dioxide savings (kgCO2/year)990 kg580 kg550 kg820 kg

Estimates taken from Energy Saving Trust website.


Please note: we can only supply and install insulation as part of a loft boarding package, we do not provide insulation on its own.

Storing items in your loft incorrectly can compromise the efficiency of your loft insulation. Putting boxes and suitcases away in your loft directly onto your insulation will start to cost you more money on your heating bills because you are effectively making it impossible to breathe and circulate air through the fibres. Wool fibre type loft insulation must be none compressed, so air can circulate through it to be most effective. Boarding directly onto insulation or squashing it down in between your joists will also reduce its efficiency considerably.