What are typical type of roof supports?

What are typical type of roof supports?

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Purlin style roofs are usually supported by large wood beams or steel RSJ’s, which span across the rafters supported sometimes by central walls and outer wall or party walls.


Purlins are usually found in older Victorian / Edwardian properties and were used commonly for many years, until around 1960 when they started to change to Trussed style supported roofs.





Trussed Style roofs are the most popular roof support for all standard and common new builds you see today. They can vary with different web configurations, but the most common is shown in the photo below.


They started building with trussed roofs circa 1960, which is a very clever design being that the ceiling joists are built into the roofs structure, so giving excellent ceiling support every 600mm or so.


It was an improvement from the old-style purlin roof, which had to take its ceiling support from additional rafter hangers. Although when they were built this was quite adequate, but building practices have changed many times and these hangers need replacing with larger ones or additional supports. It’s not ideal to board your loft for storage directly or by some timber batten resting onto a weak ceiling. See more info below on the methods we use to get over the weak ceiling problem of older terraced or detached houses.

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