What about loft ladders?

What about loft ladders?

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We do various standard stowaway, aluminium loft ladders for various ceiling heights. The floor to ceiling reach maximum needs to be about 2.69m to 3.0m and come complete with an operating pole to reach and stow the loft ladder in your loft space. With non-slip ‘D’ rungs and load capacity 150kg (23.5st), these ladders are super strong and safe to use, passing BS certification EN14975. They only weigh from about 4.3kg so they aren’t hard to put to use.

We only install the best top quality branded aluminium stowaway loft ladders. We do not use alternative cheap imports which have not been tested for safety or use in the UK.


They do not come as standard with a handrail, so they may need to be ordered separately if you need one. But not all aluminium ladders can have a handrail as they may not make one for it, so please speak to a surveyor.

All our ladders are installed by qualified approved fitters, with a 10-year parts and labour guarantee, which replaces the manufacturer guarantee of 1 year parts only.


These ladders do not include a loft hatch, this is a separate item that may or may not be required and is priced separately.

All ladder and hatch options do require a survey to make sure they will fit.


Combined Timber Loft Hatch & Ladder


In some cases, we come across customers who need a larger loft opening, or may not have the space for an aluminium ladder to stow away, so the alternative is to install a larger, more convenient loft ladder complete with framed hatch. Wide 84mm and deep timber treads for comfort when climbing. This kit is the complete loft-access solution, with a timber loft ladder measuring (H)900 to 1200 x (W)545cm with spring-assisted stowage and sturdy wide treads, for comfortable climbing. This loft ladder is stored within the trapdoor, so no loft floor space is used.


  • Suitable for heights from 2.81m (9ft 2in) to 3.51m (11ft 6in) With extension
  • A complete loft access solution including ladder
  • Loft frame surround
  • 30mm insulated trapdoor and spring assisted stowage
  • Free architrave included
  • Uses no further loft floor space – ladder stores neatly within trap door
  • Wide and deep timber treads for comfort when climbing
FeatureSize / Details
Max Floor to Ceiling Height3.51m (11ft 6in)
Load Capacity150kg (23.6 Stone)
Tread MaterialWood
Door MaterialTimber with Insulation
Frame MaterialWood
Architrave IncludedYes (In rounded finish only)
Adjustable LengthYes (Cut down to fit less than 2.8m)
Approx. Product Weight19.6kg

Automated Loft Ladders


If you struggle to operate a loft ladder, but still want to use your loft for storage, how about a semi-automated timber loft ladder with extra-long loft hatch?


  • Semi-automatic electric timber loft hatch with manual ladder
  • Remote control operated door.
  • Insulated door and features a draught seal, this ensures the trapdoor is airtight
  • Solid timber construction grade frame and steps sourced from managed forests
  • Even work in a power cut with a battery backup system
  • Intelligent safety awareness, by constantly measuring its progress the system can recognise when something is jamming or pulling on the trapdoor.
  • Extra-large trapdoor openings or for tight spaces where walls obstruct normal folding ladders
  • Reach height from 2.44m to 3.81m measured floor to ceiling
  • Width all 560mm & Length from 1048mm to 1990mm
  • Class BS EN14975 (Max Load 150 kg)
  • This item can be installed as part of a package or on its own
  • Price range from £1200 to £1550 installed

Loft opening not big enough??


Having updated your insulation level to the government recommended 270mm, but what about your badly sealed and inefficient out of date loft hatch? The most important part of retaining heat in your home is to heavily insulate the ceiling area at the top of your landing, and update the old loft hatch to a more efficient modern building regulation spec hatch. Your upstairs landing is where most of the downstairs heat ends up, and a bad loft hatch will just let it all through, costing you £100’s a year There is just no point in having a heavily insulated loft and leaving in the old inefficient loft hatch.


Reverse hinging an old wood loft hatch is no longer seen as good practice, as it does not comply with air leakage requirements of Part L of Building Regulations. Also, your loft hatch needs to be a good size to allow items, a ladder and yourself to pass through.


We can replace, make larger, move and improve your loft access door (All prices below are including fitting).


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