Is there a connection between BBA Approval and the NHBC Warranty?

Is there a connection between BBA Approval and the NHBC Warranty?

10:22 29 June in

There has been a considerable amount of misleading information circulating online regarding the relationship between BBA (British Board of Agrément) approval and the NHBC (National House Building Council) warranty in regard to loft boarding systems. Some companies misleadingly claim that BBA approval is in some way the only way to comply with the NHBC warranty. However, it is important to set the record straight and provide accurate information.


Firstly, it is crucial to note that BBA approval is only required for products intended for installation during the construction of homes. Since loft boarding falls within the realm of home improvement which often happens once the home is already complete, BBA approval is not a mandatory requirement. LOFT-E® is not BBA approved however it still conforms to the NHBC guidelines, here’s why:


The LOFT-E® Adjustable loft leg serves the purpose of raising the boarding above the insulation hence not affecting what is already in your loft space, leading to improved performance of the insulation itself. By avoiding compression of the insulation, the loft leg ensures optimal effectiveness and energy efficiency. By doing this we confirm to the NHBC guidelines. Boarding directly to the roof joists and compressing the insulation will void your NHBC warranty.


To summarize, it is essential to base your evaluation on the merits of the product rather than relying solely on BBA approval. We take pride in manufacturing LOFT-E® ourselves, using 100% recyclable steel—a superior choice compared to plastic raised legs that become brittle in winter and warp during warmer months. LOFT-E® is designed for longevity and is fully height adjustable to accommodate uneven roof joists. Our product has undergone extensive testing at Lancaster University, and we invite you to explore the comprehensive 80+ Fact Document available on our website, click here for more detailed information.