How Strong Will Loft Boarding Be?

How Strong Will Loft Boarding Be?

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Very strong because we use purpose-made 18mm thick, tongue and groove particle board, which is made from various recyclable particle materials held together with super strong glue, this gives a strong secure fit. It’s safe to walk on and store on, distributing weight evenly over the sub-frame (the framework we build underneath the boards) surface allows really safe strong storage.


Modern Roof Types:


Or Loft-E system is designed to be super strong. And its weight capacity per leg is considerably higher than that of the joists it is attached to. These legs are also adjustable, making it perfect for most modern style roof structures. It is not possible to get a max weight capacity for a floor type due to the number of variables. It mostly comes down to the capacity of your roof trusses.


Older Perlin Roof Types:


Our timber-framed self-supporting sub-frame does not rely upon your existing ceiling joists unlike other methods used by most companies who use inferior battening like 3×2 laid directly onto your existing ceiling joists which will weaken them. Your ceiling joists are only meant to hold up the plaster ceiling, it is not a floor and therefore a bespoke sub-frame must be built above the existing joists which is self-supported and uses structural walls and purlins to strengthen the boarded area to make it strong and safe to use for storage purposes.