Does boarding your loft void/ invalidate NHBC?

Does boarding your loft void/ invalidate NHBC?

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“Will loft boarding invalidate my NHBC warranty.” Homeowners often have concerns about whether boarding their loft will void their NHBC warranty. The simple answer is that correctly installing loft boarding will not affect your NHBC warranty in any way. However, some builders may mistakenly suggest otherwise based on various misconceptions based on the old, incorrect ways of loft boarding. Let’s address these concerns and provide a clearer explanation:


The NHBC warranty does not have any provisions that automatically invalidate the warranty if you choose to install loft boarding. As long as the boarding is installed correctly, following best practices and any specific guidelines provided by the NHBC, your warranty remains fully valid. It is essential to ensure compliance with the NHBC requirements to maintain warranty coverage.


To comply with the NHBC warranty, it is advisable to raise the boarding above the insulation using a raised loft leg system like our raised LOFT-E® Adjustable Loft Leg. This approach prevents compression of the insulation, preserving its effectiveness in reducing heat loss. Raising the boarding with this system provides the necessary ventilation and airflow to prevent condensation and dampness issues, ensuring compliance with NHBC standards.


It is important to note that boarding directly to the joists without raising it above the insulation can indeed squash the insulation and compromise its performance. This method will not comply with NHBC guidelines and could potentially void your warranty.