Do you do Loft Lighting?

Do you do Loft Lighting?

11:36 16 March in

Lighting is important for your loft; you need to see what you are doing and where you are standing.


We can install a simple LED light bulb and pull switch, so you can immediately switch on the light before stepping off your ladder. No point having a switch further inside where you can’t see to switch it on.


We install LED bulbs as standard nowadays or LED tubes as an alternative.


LED bulbs are now the norm, as everything is converting to LED because it’s much cheaper to run than the older incandescent bulbs and last considerably longer. A 6w LED bulb is equivalent to the old 40w incandescent bulb, which gave off around 470 lumen’s.


We recommend 1 bulb per 14ft (4.5m) or 1 LED tube per 24ft (7.3m)


When going for lighting, the modern way is to choose is by Lumens not watts. The more lumens, the brighter the light. Lumens are to light, what litres are to milk


LED tube lighting is our most popular type of lighting because they are energy saving, and have a very high lumen rating (for the watts output), and spread the light much further than a standard bulb. If you plan to use your loft quite a lot for storage, hobby or study room then we recommend a tube light. A 4ft LED tube light can give out as much light as 7 bulbs, but uses less energy to do so as its equivalent to only 36w instead of 280w for 7 bulbs,