Do I need planning permission?

Do I need planning permission?

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You do not require planning permission to board a loft for storage. Planning permission is only required for major works or large attic/loft conversions for living extension purposes. However, in some homes the timber joists may not be adequate in strength to support a “load” or storage weight.


This is why we must do a survey to determine if your loft has adequate ceiling joists to allow the loft to be boarded. Most ceilings are only designed to take the weight of the plaster ceiling and any extra weight must not be put directly on to the existing ceiling joists.

In most cases with older properties approximately 50+ years, the ceiling joists must not be used to support extra weight, so a self-supporting sub-frame needs to be built above the existing ceiling joists.


In Most new houses, the joists may only require a simple raised sub-frame to be of a correct height to avoid loft insulation compression or removal.


Insulation has to comply to the relevant building regulations, both when installed and when fitted retrospectively.