Can I board all of my loft?

Can I board all of my loft?

10:47 16 March in

NO! Completely boarding your loft is not advisable. If done incorrectly can prevent air circulation in your loft and lead to condensation build up, so it’s best to leave an adequate space around the outer areas like the eaves free from boarding. As mentioned, it’s just adding unnecessary expense boarding areas that you can’t reach easily so therefore you won’t use.

Boarding more than 3/4 of your loft space will not conform to current building regulation part L (The conservation of fuel and power). Air flow is very important in a loft space, so it must never be compromised.

Any area can be boarded, providing the area in your loft will allow it and it can be made strong enough to allow boarding, and that the airflow of your loft is not compromised at all. This will be checked by a loft boarding surveyor.

Below are examples of different systems we use to create a safe, strong storage floor in your loft. This will give you a better idea of how we professionally construct your loft floor to make it strong to walk and store on.