Is there a connection between BBA Approval and the NHBC Warranty?

10:22 29 June in by UK Loft Boarding

There has been a considerable amount of misleading information circulating online regarding the relationship between BBA (British Board of Agrément) approval and the NHBC (National House Building Council) warranty in regard to loft boarding systems. Some companies misleadingly claim that BBA approval is in some...

Do you do Loft Lighting?

11:36 16 March in by UK Loft Boarding

Lighting is important for your loft; you need to see what you are doing and where you are standing.   We can install a simple LED light bulb and pull switch, so you can immediately switch on the light before stepping off your ladder. No point having...

Can I add more insulation and use my loft for storage?

11:28 16 March in by UK Loft Boarding

There is now a specialist product like LOFT-E® that allows you to create a raised loft storage floor, consisting of sturdy 270mm adjustable legs/stilts, which support a timber cross beam section that allows you to board on to, without compromising your insulation level. Its very...